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Query Mystery 33 
New York City?
is this proof of foreknowledge of 911 attacks by someone @ Microsoft ?

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11 19 15


10 24 15

Three Quran Verses Every Christian Should Know

10 23 15

Is it possible this five year old white boy 
lived past life as black woman? Seems its

08 18 15

Caravan to midnight interview with Gill Boussard



06 09 15

“President Obama can’t be trusted to negotiate a deal 
on a secondhand Subaru, let alone 
a trillion-dollar trade deal like TPP,”

Mike Huckabee 
read more here


04 08 15

 It's easy to die for God, not so to Live for HIM.

A man of God is harder to find and more valuable 
than the Golden Wedge of Ophir.


03 24 15

Who is God you ask?
this is whom he is.
by Eric Ludy - He is (The Names of God)



03 23 15

Hillary Clinton Says to Fix The 'Fun-Deficit' in America, 
'We Really Need Camps for Adults'



03 21 15

The Lawless America Movement presents 
Proposed Legislation to Save America




02 17 15

14 Year Old anti-GMO Activist
destroys Bullying 'Shark Tank' Entrepreneur
in TV debate on GMO's


02 15 15

Former CIA Director Michael Hayden admits
 "we kill people based on META-DATA" 
@ 5:13 in video below


02 04 15

Christians Can Opt Out of ObamaCare. 
This Outrages Lefties. Tough.
By Gary North
The Tea Party Economist
February 4, 2015


01 13 15

The Big Bang Never Happened


Dog teleports out of nowhere (Original)

11 27 14

Fredrick Wilson II is one smart young man!



07 05 14

Four Horsemen - Feature Documentary - Official Version

06 29 14

White Comedian Adam Corolla Explains What's Wrong 
With The Black Community! Do you agree?


06 19 14

Court OKs Barring High IQs for Cops

DHS Caught Dumping Refugees On Arizona Streets

05 12 14

Trey Gowdy Demands Answers On Benghazi



05 08 14

Is Stone Henge really an ancient structure?
Or was it really constructed in the late forties or early 



05 01 14

MSNBC host 

"We Have To Break Through Our Private Idea 
That Kids Belong To Their Parents" 

04 15 14

America: Freedom to Fascism
a film by AARON RUSSO


What or who is really behind the theft of the Bundy's
NV. Ranch

Bundy Ranch - What You're Not Being Told

02 23 14

Where did the German Gold go? - TheBlaze



02 20 14

Wolfgang Halbig Sandy Hook Massacre


02 05 14

Guilty As Charged: High Crimes And Misdemeanors


02 03 14

Same witness connected to Boston Bombing, Sandy Hook and Watertown shooting 

February 2014 Breaking News Bible prophecy current events

01 30 14

Senator Lee Questions Eric Holder 
on Executive Orders


01 23 14
Glenn Beck Reveals another non Story, with out names of facts? what's up Glen give us names dates facts ...

01 20 14
Denis Miller Nails Nancy Pelosi

01 13  14

Colorado Legalized Pot for 
recreational use as of 01 01 14 
this famous
celebrity was captured indulging


01 06 14

Avoid calls from or to area codes
809, 876, 649, and 284. They are more than likely
 scam calls that could cost you lots of money. 

01 01 14
Invisible Empire The Shadow Government 
Trying To Rule 


US Congress Is Nothing But A Den Of Traitors


Executive Orders that make the 
America Republic and Constitution,  non

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Second amendment: A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.