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Neocon golbalist fear
The Neocons and Globalist's biggest fear is Trump ending the Rusian Boogyman narative, and joinning forces
 with Putin and Assad in Syria to destroy ISIS, Desh, and Alcaida!

Rayan No Mas
Rayan gets another black eye, cries No MAS! No MAS! And throws in the towel on Obama care.
 Trump leaves in disgust.

Three worms in the republican apple McCain, Rayan, and Graham

Coptic Putin
Putin rides in as the savior of the Coptic Christians in Syria. While the US arms the ISIS  Rebels killing Christians, Muslims, , Sheiks and everyone else . And For what to destabilize the mid east and cause mass Muslim migration world wide, to incite violence and war.

lost dreams
Lost Dreams,

Fed Houseof cards
The Fed built on a fondation of a house of cards. colapsing under its own weight.

trup fires o's doj

Trump tells Sessions to fire O's DOJ lawyers.

Trump otapped my phone.
OBama tapped my campaign's phones!

America first
Under my Administration America will be FIRST in Manufacturing again!

Collage Children of color call for safe spaces, Oh my! How soon the return of segregation?

Muslim Princess
She's a Muslim Princess, it's 2017 and she stil can't show her self or drive!

Trump wrecking ball
The Citizens ditrust of the Federal Goverment Policies
and politicians Is why Trump won.

boris n Natasha
Oh!  Natasha Ha-Ha! JP @ GMail, Russian Girls HA-HA
The DNC Ha-ha Hillary, HA_HA_HA!!!

Kruse whats a burner
What's a Burner? Look who's on Kruse speed dial, Yep MadamPalfrey!

This put
And this put cost tax payers How Much!

Sarah's bomb
Planed Parent hood This Baby's for you, free Drone delivery S1 Nutron special.

Disco berry

Obama rides the ball of distruction !

Obama- cyde

Trump snake
Trump cuts the head off the snake with extreem vetting.

Oball 2
O loves to ride the ball! Now he's knocked a hole in the wall !

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